Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Knit what?

Not much sewing going on this week - I'm planning and staking out auctions on Trade Me (New Zealand's answer to eBay - with better web design, it must be said.) Instead I'm doing a bit of knitting - picked up some loooovely felted lambswool in a nice bright red at the local store and I'm knitting a surprise while tucked up in bed. You get to see the finished product after it's been sent off to the new owner, but until she's got her surprise gift you get a grainy webcam picture of me knitting in front of my laptop. Aren't you lucky?

No, but really I'll put up real photos once I have something to show for my labours. In the mean time I'm collecting black and white fabrics for a herringbone idea I have and I've just bought a copy of a book called The Quilt Room on

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